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SeaArk V-Bow Jet Tunnel Jons


seaarks boats at rocky's marine


SeaArk's Jet Tunnel Hulls are designed to be used with a jet driven outboard. The Jet Tunnel design includes a flat roof in the tunnel to direct water back to the intake of the jet. The thrust of a jet outboard is about 70% of an equal sized engine with a prop. This fact and the fact that a jet uses water for propulsion instead of a metal prop, means that the operator loses some speed, directional control, and performance. What is gained with a jet is the ability to operate in extreme shallow water conditions without the fear of ruining a prop. Most of our customers using Jet Tunnel boats use them in shallow rivers where they need to pass through extreme shallow spots.


rigged seaark boat


At Rocky's Marine we stock the 1652MVJT (16'x52"), 1660MVJT (16'x60"), 1860MVJT (18'x60"), 1872MVJT (18'x72") and 2072MVJT (20'x72").


stack of seaark boats