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210 Explorer

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Length: 21'4"

LOA (with Gil bracket: 23'4"

Weight: 2800

Fuel: 50 gallons

Deadrise: 10 degrees

Amidship Deadrise: 15 degrees

Bow Entry: 35 degrees

Bottom: 72" x .190"

Sides: 38" x .125"

Cockpit Length: 31"

Max HP: 200 hp

Bigger, Stronger, Safer

This boat is for die-hards. With 4 season versatility, the Explorer is popular amongst a wide array of anglers from California to the most northern reaches of Alaska. It's hardtop enclosure is found to be more comfortable and quieter than canvas. No worries about wear and tear during trailering or while keeping it ready between winter storms.

The Explorer is the perfect merriment from the do-al family fun, to the grind it out until the water around the boat freezes in place mentality. Or, you just want to stay warm and dry, we can respect that.

With its extremely deep side height and wide stable hull, the Explorer Series is more boat for the money than any other hardtop on the market. The Explorer Series is truly under rated in size. Don't compromise.

Popular Options

Color Tone Paint Upgrade

Alaskan Bulkhead

Raw Water Washdown

Downrigger Pads

Rocket Launchers

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