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Behind The Scenes

Yamaha Models

XTO Offshore

V8 5.6L 425 HP

Massive Power for 50'+ Boats

The industry's first fuel injected 4-stroke. Maximizes power and efficiency by spraying fuel at high pressure directly into the combustion chamber. It's the first four-stroke powerhead in the outboard industry to feature direct injection.


Jet Drive

Prop-Free & Up for Adventure!

Yamaha’s Jet Drive four strokes, can boldly go where no propped outboard would dare. Shallows. Rocky-bottom rivers. Shoals. White-water rapids.​

Mechanical: 150 hp Mechanical or Tiller: 115 hp, 90 hp, 60 hp, 40 hp

V Max Sho v6 4.2L

250, 225, 200 HP

The V6 V MAX SHO® has transformed the game with its 4.2-liter big-bore displacement, signature four-stroke fuel economy and a hole shot that’s up to 13 percent faster than two strokes. 


V Max Sho In-line 4

175, 150, 90 HP

The In-Line Four V MAX SHO four strokes have achieved the unthinkable—packing signature V MAX SHO hole shot and acceleration into streamlined designs.

Portable Power

25 HP - 2.5 HP

Yamaha's Portables provide nimble, lightweight, efficient power you can take with you.

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Why Choose Yamaha?

Yamaha   Financing

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